Leaf Protection

Leaf Protection Systems for Gutters

Many leaf guard reviews include statistics that may be difficult to verify. Claims such as “100% effective”, “53% stronger” or “2.5 times the water flow” may or may not be true. How does one measure these claims?

The real question is ‘Do leaf guard gutters work…and if so, how do we know they work?’

The real answer is “time”.

Leaf Guard Gutters

For almost seven years Gutter Doc has been installing Gutter Medic™ leaf guard gutters on homes and businesses throughout Vancouver and other lower mainland communities in British Columbia, Canada.

In all, we’ve installed over 5000+ leaf guard gutter protection systems. We can say without question, that our Gutter Medic™ leaf guard system works because in all this time we have never had to return to clean out a single gutter!

This is the best leaf guard review we could ever hope for.

In fact, Gutter Doc offers a 10-year “no-clog gutter” Guarantee! If your gutters clog up within the first 10 years of installation, we will come out and clean your gutters for FREE! That’s our guarantee!

How Does Our Leaf Guard System Work?

Gutter Medic™ leaf guard gutters act as leaf filters. Large leaves, twigs and debris are effectively filtered out so that your rain gutter drainage system only has to flush out water.

Gutter Medic™ leaf guard gutters work with the same principle employed by professional plumbers. For effective drainage, and to ensure proper flush-through, water must flow from smaller drainage into larger drainage.

The Gutter Doc utilizes a 3-step Gutter Protection System;

  1. Installing a fast, flow-through Gutter Grate™ Gutter Guard System that acts as an effective leaf guard
  2. Installing larger triangle shaped gutter corners to improve water flow, plus installing large 2×6 inch V-shaped funnels that drain water from the gutter into the downspout
  3. Installing large Downspout Drainage pipes with a built-in downspout catch basin that catches any residual debris or small leaves that may be flushed down the downspout. The downspout leaf guard (catch basin) is installed only a few feet off the ground for easy access. Homeowners can empty the downspout catch basin on an “as needed” basis from the safety of the ground…no ladders necessary.

Extend the life of your gutters with the Gutter Medic™ leaf guard gutter protection system.